Great Back Exercises to build larger Lats



Sit on a lat machine, grasp the wide bar with a pronated grip (the palms facing forwards). The distance between the hands should be wider than the distance between shoulders.
Pull the bar down until it touches the upper part of the chest. The elbows face outwards. Hold the contraction and after a moment bring the arms back to the starting position.
This exercise focuses on latissimus dorsi muscle and involves also the rear deltoid and the central part of the traps as secondary muscles. The exercise involves additional muscle such as the forearms and the biceps.
Breathe out polling down the bar and breathe in bringing the arms back to the starting position.





Stand up in front of the lat machine, grasp the bar slightly wider than the shoulders width, bent slightly the knees and bend your torso at the waist by around 45°, the grip slightly higher than the shoulders height.
Contract the latissimus dorsi pulling down the bar, from the extended arms starting position the elbows slightly bend bringing the bar until your navel. Bring the bar back slowly and in a controlled way, the arms are fully extended again and stop above the shoulders.The torso doesn’t move.
The exercise involves the upper and sides part of the muscle. It is fit for the definition and the thickness of the latissimus dorsi, it contributes to create the “V” shape of the back
Breathe in starting the motion, breathe out during the pull until the bar reaches the navel and contract the abs during the breathing out.
The exercise can be performed at the cable machine too, using the bar of the lat machine or any straight bar.
Usign a machine that guides the motion you reduce the possibility to make mistakes. Hold the back fixed and flat throughout the performance, the contraction of the abs allows to stabilize the torso. The head is aligned with the backbone, do not move it forwards. The knees don’t move to avoid moving the back.

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